Mechanizing solar power.


Cheaper deployment

SunTube™ modules are deployed by a machine. This is a game-changing advantage over the manual mounting of conventional solar panels. The mechanized deployment allows a single operator to install modules many times faster than the manual process – bringing economy of scale to the installation process!

No junction boxes

SunTube™ modules have no external electrical wiring between modules. All wiring is pre-assembled in the module removing junction boxes used for conventional solar modules. The SunTube™ modules are dimensioned to be directly connected to a standard inverter replacing a whole string of conventional panels. The reduction of external electrical connections improves reliability and saves components.

No racking hardware

SunTube™ modules are placed directed on the ground and fixated by the internal ballast chamber, which is filled with locally available materials such as sand. No racking hardware is needed unlike conventional panels – reducing excess materials use.

Durable construction

The high-grade fluoropolymer sheet protecting the solar cells in SunTube™ modules is rated for decades of rough outdoor service life. The sheet forms an air cushion protecting the cells..

Unique control of cell environment

SunTube™ modules are featured with the MoistureCap™ technology enabling long lifetime of the solar cells inside the SunTube™ modules. With MoistureCap™ the solar cells are in a controlled atmosphere with active moisture control. This solves a problem seen in conventional panels where moisture ingression is a major source of performance degradation.