Mechanized solar power solutions

SunTube ApS develops solar module technology that brings economy of scale to the plant construction process.

3 key advantages over conventional solar panels:

  • Machine deployment decreasing manual handling
  • Integrated fixation eliminating racking hardware
  • Integrated power connections elimination junction boxes

SunTube™ module technology enables mechanized deployment making solar power competitive to fossil power in un-subsidized competition with a zero carbon footprint. SunTube™ will do for solar what the tractor did for agriculture: Industrialize it!



st-w-v2The SunTube™ technology (patent pending) is based on a unique packaging and deployment system where a row of photovoltaic cells is mounted on a standard solar back sheet and encapsulated by a transparent UV resistant polymer foil. The structure is section-wise foldable for cost effective transport. Learn more…